Dog Boarding in Salt Lake City

Boarding your dog in with Hound Hearts in Salt Lake City

If you or someone you know owns a dog in Salt Lake City, then you know that it can be a great place to have a pet. Salt Lake City offers some of the best dog parks and recreation areas in the State. There are trails in the mountains to take your pet, as well as many off leash dog parks in the Salt Lake City area. SLC has a very active population, and many of these people travel frequently. So that just begs the question: What do I do with my dog when I go on a trip or vacation?

Dog boarding is an excellent solution to travelers. If you have never boarded you dog, then here are some great questions and answers that you may find helpful.

1. Is my dog going to be in a crate the whole time I am gone?

Many people are scared to board their dog because  they don’t want their dog cooped up in a crate or kennel all day. The truth of the matter is that not all dog boarding facilities in salt lake city are like this. Hound Hearts is operated out of a home, so your dog is treated like part of the family. A full backyard and even a dog pool in the summer to play in. Your pet will be safe and cozy at hound hearts.

2. Will my dog be able to play with other dogs if he is boarded?

Of course your dog will be able to play! Hound Hearts owners have dogs themselves, so they will have interaction and socialization with other dogs.

3. Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, especially if your dog is on a special diet or medications. If you think your dog is more comfortable with a blanket he keeps at home or any other toy, then that is okay too! Just let us know so we can be sure to track it and make sure it goes home with them too!

4. What about vaccinations?

It is always a good idea to vaccinate your dogs if you are boarding them. There are lots of veterinarians in the area. Hound hearts, just like every other dog boarding facility in Salt Lake City requires current vaccinations.

Your dog will be happy!

Boarding your dog while you are on a vacation should not be a stressful event. You should enjoy your trip, whether it is business or pleasure. Your dog will enjoy socializing with other dogs and will be tired and happy to see you when you return.

Keep in mind, we also service other areas in Utah, and not just SLC. Sugarhouse, Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, Riverton, Herriman, Taylorsville and other areas are all part of hound hearts service area.

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us by clicking on contact us at the top of the page, or by calling us on the phone. If you are interested in dog walking or dog boarding in salt lake city, then visit our services and prices page. You can also keep an eye out for discounts on KSL as well.

We look forward to meeting you and your fury pet!


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