Dog Walking – Why it is important

How to make your dog happy!

Why can’t the dog walk himself?

What are some important things in your dog’s life? Perhaps it is when you first come home from work, or maybe it is when you take him on a walk. There are many things that can make a dog happy, and for some dogs, even work can make a dog happy!  Sometimes, as dog owners, we may sometimes say something like “Fido, I wish I could be you for a day, and have your responsibilities. All you do is sleep, walk, poop, and bark”. To most people, it sounds like a full time vacation. But dogs also have needs to, and most of the times, they need help meeting these needs.

In a perfect world, you might hope to  be able t o say “Hey Fido, I am going to work today, why don’t you take yourself for a walk in downtown salt lake city, maybe even pick up a few groceries, and refill your dog food for me. When I get back, would you be a sweetie and have dinner ready too, okay?” But we all know this is not going to happen, at least any time soon. For one, we all know dog’s don’t cook dinner. Dogs need help with these kinds of things. Not all dogs can pour their own food, or be trusted outside without a leash. Mine surely can’t. This is why it is important that you, as the dog’s owner, parent or mentor, take responsibility and perform these functions, or somehow arrange for these things to happen.

Many people have a difficult time going on walks with their dogs. With work full time, picking up groceries, taking care of kids, or other obligations, taking the dog for a walk just isn’t much of a priority. Dogs need exercise just as much as you and I do. So what does one do? There are a few options.

Hire a dog walker

Here in Salt Lake City, there are numerous dog walkers. Hound hearts provides a dog walking service and services most of the valley, and you would be surprised that our rates aren’t too bad, either. If you are struggling finding time to walk your dog, then we may have a solution that will work for you. Many times, it is best to have a dog walker come in the day while you are at work. This will allow your dog to have some socialization with someone new throughout the day, as well as a bathroom break (holding your bladder for 8 hours isn’t fun, for dogs, or humans!), and when you return home from work, your dog will be much happier, and hopefully tired. It is well known that a tired dog is a good dog. Dog walking will improve your dog’s health, mood, and will definitely make him or her a happier puppy!
Salt Lake City Dog Walker
Make more time for your dog

I will admit myself, sometimes; it is just difficult to make time for your own dog. But sometimes it can be as simple as waking up an additional 15 to 30 minutes every morning and going for a short walk, or even playing fetch in the back yard. You could also do this in the evening before you go to bed or right after work. Going in the back yard and throwing the ball a few times, or even “chasing” Fido around the house is beneficial. Any type of physical activity you can do with your dog is a good thing, not only to your dog, but to you too. Spending time with your little fuzzy animal will nourish the relationship you have with your them. Every day, I try to make it a point to play ‘hide and seek’ with my dog. He loves it, and often times starts darting around the house like a wild animal. This helps him, and me, get some energy out, and have a good time. If physical exercises are difficult, you can do mental exercises. Teach him a new trick, or play “guess which hand has the food”. Anything to stimulate your dogs mind is beneficial. You can even teach ‘impulse control’ by holding a treat out, and making him sit nicely before you give it to him. If he goes to get it without you ‘go ahead’, then cover it with your hand. Repeat until the dog sits kindly.

Good luck!

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