Hound Hearts Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old does my dog need to be to stay at your home?

I have taken puppies as young as three months old. I have a lot of experience with caring for puppies. I can help with potty training, starting a walking routine and socialization with other dogs.

2. Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

Yes. A spayed or neutered dog has a less chance of being aggressive and showing dominance toward other dogs in my care.

3. What do I need to bring with my dog when they stay in your home?

Feel free to bring anything that the dog likes that will make her/him more comfortable. If they sleep in a cage or on a certain dog bed, they should have it. I feed dogs “Purina Dog Chow”. If you have a dog that is on a special diet or is very picky, you need to bring their own food. Dogs react to change so we want to be as consistent as possible.

Also, to speed the process up, you may bring a filled out required form.

4. When do I need to pay for my pets stay?

I would prefer to have payment at the time of drop off. There is less confusion at pick up time when payment has already been made.

5. Can I call and check in on my pet when in your care?

Yes by all means. Your dog is part of your family and you should take an active part in making sure he has the best care. You can call, text or email me while you’re away. I will text pictures to you of your pet periodically during their stay.

6. What kind of activities will my dog participate in when they stays with you?

All dogs get a fenced yard to play in as well as walks in our neighborhood. They can go to the park and I even have a kiddie pool to cool off in during the summer. Also all dogs in my care get to have my homemade “Houndhearts Dog Treats”.

 7. Can I meet you?

I can be found at the farmer’s markets in the summer, and in the winter at other indoor markets.