Walking your Puppy

Have a Puppy?  How to Start a Dog Walking Routine:

Start young, a three month old puppy can start talking short walks. They will need to get use to a collar and leash. Start off for only short distances. The puppy may jerk and run all over the place. You need to keep the leash taught and the dog close to you on one side when you walk. You can use commands like “heel” to get them use to the process. Try and go on your walks around the same time each day for your dog to learn by consistency. Eventually they will want to go farther. Keep a steady pace when they are young, you can slowly increase your speed or even start running as they get stronger.

Be “excited” when it is walk time. Your dog will feel it is a reward and look forward to this time of the day. A treat after a walk is another way to enforce this great time together. Taking the same route on your walk is great in the beginning so they get use to the routine. Dogs have the tendency to get bored very easily and will lose enthusiasm if you stay on the same path. It is wise to change it up occasionally. Dogs love to smell and use their senses to enjoy the walk and this will tire them out more. When a dog is walked consistantly, they are calm, less stressed and more willing to listen and learn from their owner. A tired dog will be less likely to chew and destroy your home while you’re away. They will feel loved, satisfied and content.

It is good for their overall health to be exercised daily and not confined to a house or cage for 8-10 hours a day while their owner is at work. Not to mention the benefits of a good walk for the dog’s owner as well. A dog gives unconditional love, loyalty and companionship for us. The least we can do for them is give them with a healthy and happy life. Treat your dog with respect and love and that will be returned tenfold. A great dog lover is an even greater dog walker.

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